Light Wheelchair (For self-propelled)



  • Multi-functional type & Foldable design
  • Light weight. The body weight only 11.2 kg
  • Flippable armrests for easyfront transfer
  • No punk tyre, comfortable, safe and durable
  • Swing-out type and detachable footrests for easy movement
  • Seat width: 42 cm
  • User maximum weight 100 kg
  • Colour: Navy
  • "Terms & Conditions" for Wheelchair & Age Free Equipment

Comfortable design makes your going-out enjoyable in every way

Users feel comfortable

Comfortable ride with no punk tyre

No worry of air leak. Safe ride all the time.

Seat with care on safety

As no screw on surface, no direct contact with skin or clothes.

The back support matches your body shape

The backward bending shape of the upper part allows more space to shoulders and upper body, and reduce forward slipping.

Natural angle of the footrests.

The footrest angle is close to horizontal that allows you ride on the wheelchair with less strain on the ankles.

Separate type of leg supports

The footrests are separated to left and right for easily getting on and off the wheelchair, and also make foot rowing easy.

Height of the footrests 3 levels of adjustment.

Adjustable distance of 35, 37, 39cm from the seat.

Wide front frame

The front part of the frame is wide opened and more footspace for easy front transfer.

Less strain on the attendant

Light weight

Due to light weight, less strain on loading and unloading the wheelchair.

Standard type (attendant-propelled)


Multifunctional type (attendant-propelled)


Attendant brakes can be operated with little force.

The brakes can be firmly pressed down with little force. Caliper brake (drum type) used.

Commitment to high quality

Comfortable champagne gold colour

Comfortable champagne gold colour, light and strong frame with secure structure.

**The above of product features and functions are subject to each model.

Light Wheelchair (For self-propelled)
For specification, please refer to Product Catalogue in "Support" section.

*Please consult your doctor or caregiver. if necessary.