Rechargeable Battery Recycling Programme

To promote environmental protection and resources recycling, Shun Hing Group participate the “Battery Recycling Program” organized by Environmental Protection Department. The program gets the support from various group companies, Shun Hing Technology Co., Ltd. becomes one of the members and extends the original “Panasonic Battery Recycling” service to different types of recyclable battery. Customers can drop their rechargeable batteries in the specially designed bins provided by Environmental Protection Department in our showrooms.

The program collects different kind of portable rechargeable battery, including ordinary rechargeable battery and the rechargeable battery for the following products.

‧ Mobile Phones ‧ MP3/ MD players
‧ Cordless Phones ‧ CD/ VCD/ DVD players
‧ Digital Cameras ‧ Electronic Dictionaries
‧ Video cameras ‧Shavers
‧ Mobile Computers ‧ Electronic Toothbrush
‧ Personal Digital Assistances ‧ Portable Vacuum Cleaners
‧ Power Tools ‧Electronic Game Sets

The rechargeable batteries are collected on a periodic basis, sorted according to battery type, stored and shipped to overseas for recycling. You are cordially invited to participate this Recycling

Programme, share the resources. Love the environment.

Collection bins are placed in following Panasonic showrooms and Customer Service Stations:

Panasonic Showroom
Customer Service Station